DIY Projects

DIY Printable Paper Bow with Template

Today I have another printable for you guys. I’m on a roll with the printables (YAY!), but there is a small DIY connected to the one that I am sharing…

Free winter wonderland printable and cut file for cutting machine

Free Winter Wonderland Printable + Cut file

Yesterday the first snow fell here in Aarhus and I felt like a little kid. I am always super excited about the first snow and this year is no different.…

the finished project. Making personalized shampoo bottles.

Redecorating the bathroom #1 – Cheap and simple shelf for shampoo storage

As you know by now, I am trying to redecorate our home. Many of the things in our apartment screams “young-just-moved-away-from-home”, and I really want to do something about that…

The origami decorations without the lights on

Origami on Christmas lights – makes a beautiful decor

Christmas lights! YAY! I love them, and I would have them in our apartment all year round. Last week I was our looking for some Christmas inspiration for decorating the…

How to make a diamond pendant for jewelry. DIY diamond Necklace

DIY Diamond Necklace tutorial

Do you know that feeling of having an idea strike you, and then just have to try it? Well this is how I felt about these diamond necklaces.

DIY makeup bag. Zipper pouch how to. Faux leather bag. The tiny honeycomb

DIY Makeup bag with faux leather.

I have been wanting to make a little zipper pouch to put in my bag for a while now. Honestly I use it for receipts that I get when I buy…

reuse old candle wax and make new candles

How to reuse your old candle scraps and make new candles

The winter season is upon us and for me that means burning a lot of candles. I like the coziness of a lit candle in the evening. However, I always…


DIY Clock Makeover – IKEA RUSCH

We have had The RUSCH clock for some time now, and I have been wanting to give it a makeover since we got it. We bought it in IKEA for about…

DIY Hama beads necklace. Showing the old tv screen. The tiny honeycomb blog

Necklace with Mini hama beads – Old tv screen

Have you ever made something to impress someone else? I made this necklace to impress a boy when I was younger. I think I was about 18 (now 25) and…

Making cold brewed coffee how to. The tiny honeycomb blog

DIY coffee bottle + Cold brewed coffee

Okay, I know it is crazy. Another post about coffee. What can I say – I love the stuff. I have been wanting to make some cold brewed coffee for…