How do I download the free printables?

One of the questions I get the most is how to get access to the free printables that I have here on the blog 🙂

So I thought I would make this little simple thing with instructions on how to download them instead of commenting the same thing over and over again.

Please read and do what I list below in order to download the printables.

  1.  you need to sign up for my newsletter – email subscription. You can do this on the individual blog posts that tell you about a specific printable, or in the sidebar of the blog.
  2. Once you have signed up – you will get an email telling you to confirm that you want to be on the list. You click the link/button in the mail from me and short thereafter you will get another email you a link and a password to the prints.
    1. If you haven’t received the emails I talk about here, check your spam folder/junk/unwanted – whatever it is called in your email program.
    2. it is all automatic so you will receive the email short after signing up 🙂
  3. When you have the second email from me you click that link in the email, which takes you to the printables. They are all on the same page, and not on the blog post you signed up on.
  4. once you get to the page it will ask you for the password that you got in the mail.
  5. enter that password and you are in.
  6. To download the printables all you do is click the text under the pictures of the printables and save to your computer.