DIY Terrarium | How to make a geometric terrarium

Today I have a super exciting DIY terrarium tutorial for you. I have been working on this project the past week, and can now show you the outcome, with a step by step guide how to make this terrarium yourself.

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I fell in love with all the cute terrariums on pinterest, and thought I would try and make my own. I have gotten inspiration from this lovely terrarium, made from glass. Mine is made from an IKEA frame and glue – not as heavy but just as pretty and useful.

The frame I’m referring to in the video is this one. All the other stuff I already had lying around the apartment, so this project did not cost me more than 8 dollars (frame and plants), which is quite amazing to me

DIY terrarium with guide how to make

You will also benefit from this  Terrarium Template if you want to make the terrarium. I have used this exact one to make mine, and if you make it from the IKEA frame this template fits the plastic 12 times, so you have room for one mistake (not that I think you will need it – but nice to know, right? 😉 )

Have any questions or comments? Please write me in the comments below 🙂 

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