DIY Christmas Ornament – All Sorts licorice in polymer clay

DIY Christmas ornament made from polymer clay. All sorts licorice inspired.

I think one of the first things I made from polymer clay was black licorice – all sorts inspired. Here in Denmark we are all about the black licorice, and this kind is linked to Chirstmas.

The first thing I made was a licorice bracelet that I sold on a Danish site, inspired by Etsy. When that was a hit, I thought I could make other things with the same “design”. I saw these ornaments, made from another material in the Danish stores, and thought it would be pretty in polymer clay as well, which is why I made them.

We sing a song for Christmas saying “first we show of the tree, and then we can eat it” – it rhymes and is very pretty in Danish, although writing it in English makes it sound really strange. Well, the song kind of tie the whole thing together, so I thought I would mention it, even though it has nothing to do with why I made them 😀

Christmas ornament DIY - Fimo polymer clay charms

I have a few of the ones I made last year left and I think they will look pretty on our tree back home (the one that is not silver themed).

Christmas ornaments - How to make a polymer clay charm for christmas

If you want to make them all you need is polymer clay in different colors, some wire, ribbon, and pearls. I didn’t want to make a whole tutorial, because I thought it was self-explanatory how to make the clay charms – it’s all about layering.

Once you have the charms, all you do is string them onto the wire and then attach a ribbon to the top.

I would love to hear your thoughts on these ornaments – so talk to me in the comments 😀



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