How I Stay Motivated Working From Home

Happy Friday

In this post, I thought I would talk about motivation working from home. I think of motivation and inspiration as being connected. If one is lacking, so is the other. Therefore, I try to do different things to keep being inspired and creative:


1) Get away for a day or two.

The last week I have been working from my mom’s office to change my workflow a bit. I did so to get away from home, and get new impressions, new conversations and other surroundings. Working from another place this week has given me many new ideas that I wouldn’t have gotten at home. So even though home is my happy place, I can really benefit from getting away for a little bit.

If I don’t want to take a trip away, I will go the local coffee place and spend a day there. The people coming and going, their mood and conversations will inspire me. Sometimes it’s good for me to be around other people when I work. It will spark new ideas that I write down for later use.

2) Revisit success stories from people in my area.

I will often read success stories of other people in my area when the motivation is lacking. Even though I love the saying: “Never compare your beginning to someone else’s middle”, I believe that these stories refuel my motivation, because I then know that for some, the dreams do come true, and that if I work hard enough mine will too.

3) Keep pretty things at my workstation.

I always try to have a clean workspace. I’Pretty flowers m not neat, actually I’m really messy and just don’t like to clean, but I like my work area to be clean and clutter free. I believe my mind will work better, if I don’t have to look at mess.

Also, I try to have flowers in my view, because I think they are beautiful and remind me of life, summer and happy days.

That was just some of the things I do to fuel my motivation and inspiration. What are your tips and tricks? I would love to hear, I’m sure there are so many other things to try.

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