DIY Diamond Necklace tutorial

Do you know that feeling of having an idea strike you, and then just have to try it? Well this is how I felt about these diamond necklaces.

How to make a diamond pendant for jewelry. DIY diamond Necklace

I have had this diamond template ready for some paper décor items for a while, but was not really feeling the paper crafting so I thought why not make it into a jewelry piece..

I thought about making a mold for some polymer clay diamonds, but then got to thinking about my plaster I had laying in the back of one of my drawers and the idea hit.

I really like how they look both with and without paint so it was just one of those times where it just works out just how I imagined it to. Love when that happens.

For the necklaces I used the following materials:

  • DIY diamond necklace template
  • Heavy duty cardstock
  • Tape
  • White plaster ( I used Alabaster plaster)
  • Wooden stick
  • Paint (optional)
  • Dotting tool (you can use any pointy tool, like a bobby pin)
  • Scissors
  • Fine sandpaper
  • Jewelry chain
  • Eye pin
  • Jump ring
  • Round nose pliers

And this is how I made the diamond necklaces

First you want to print out the diamond template. Then cover it with tape to seal it and then cut it out. You cover it with tape so that the plaster doesn’t soak into the cardstock (kind of like laminating it).

DIY diamond. Diamond template. folding and cutting

2. Then you want to score the lines on the template with your dotting tool, to get crisp lines when folding the diamond.

Score the diamond template

3. Then fold and tape the diamond shut. You can glue it, but I found it was a lot easier to do with tape.

Folded diamond template

4. Now it is time to mix the plaster and pour it into the newly created diamond mold. I used a wooden stick for this, you know the ones you buy for the BBQ. I made a little holder for the diamond from a cookie cutter and some paper towel, so that the diamond would sit up straight while it was hardening. After a couple of minutes hardening put in the eye pin.

Plaster hardening indside the mold

5. Let the diamond harden completely and then remove from the template. Sand down the rough edges with some sandpaper, and then you can paint it if you want to, or leave it blank.

Diamond necklace pendant.

6. Open a jump ring with your piers and attach the chain. Once you close the jump ring you have yourself a new diamond necklace.

Finished diamond necklace. How to make a diamond necklace

DIY diamond necklace tutorial. How to make a diamond pendant. the tiny honeycomb

Thought these might be great as Christmas presents – what do you think?



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