How to make your own Printable Calendar + free printable

DIY printable calendar. Easy tutorial on how to make your own printable calendar.

How do people make their own personalized custom printable calendars?

Have you ever asked that question? You are not alone. I see this question a lot online and today I thought I would show you how I do it.

Note! I make all my designs projects in Adobe Illustrator and I could not live without it. If you don’t have the programs from Adobe you can get a 30-day free trial over on their website. If you like to design your own digital anything – I really think you are going to love everything they have to offer – I know I do. (This is not sponsored by the way 😉 – I just looovve their products!)

The best thing about making your own calendar is that you can tailor it specifically to your own home decor, your planner or any other place you would like to have a calendar.

I made this video down below to show you how easy it is to make and get you started on your printable calendar journey! 🙂

Make your own printable calendar. Diy calendar - step by step tutorial

It is a lot easier than you might think so let’s give it a try!

The font I use in the video this one: Miss magnolia * – an absolutely beautiful font!

And the graphics are these ones – To die for watercolor graphics *

Also! If you would like the exact calendar that I made here, you can become a part of our little creative tribe on the blog and download it for free. Just fill out the form below and you will have a new printable to print within a minute or so 🙂How to make a printable calendar. Diy printable calendar in Illustrator

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