The best projects of September

September is almost over, where is that month go? I have enjoyed the first month of blogging tremendously and can’t believe how many projects I have been able to make.

I love that I now have a place to share them and I truly believe that this blog inspires me to keep going and coming up with new projects. My head is spinning with new ideas and prints, and I still feel like I don’t have the time to make them all. I wonder if I will hit that blogging-wall at some point?

I thought I would share some of my favorites of September before we break into a new month with Halloween and some fun home décor projects I have been working on.

The DIY wedding card is definitely one of my favorites, mostly because it is linked with happy memories and friends. I loved working on it and being able to give them something personal with the money gift. It was also a project that reunited me with my lovely silhouette machine and I have any future projects with this love in mind – decorative Christmas boxes anyone? ;D

Diy wedding card and envelope

Another favorite are the cute polymer clay bows I made on my Youtube channel. I love to start a new adventure and I have been wanting to make a new channel for DIY’s and more personal stuff for some time, so I thought the bows were a perfect first video for launching that channel.

Diy | how to make a polymer clay bow ring

I have also been loving all the printables I have made, our home is looking good for fall and I have so many more to come in the next month. I love to change them often, so I something new to look at.

Right now, I am working on some lovely Halloween printables for my lovely subscribers only as a treat. If you love printables as much as me, subscribe to my newsletter and get them right to your inbox once a month.

Leave a comment below telling me about your favorite projects from this past month

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