DIY Love banner for Valentine. Simple and cute + free printable.

This DIY is so simple and cute – you have to make it!

I wanted to do a little decorating this Valentine’s day, because I’m a sucker for love and and this day is a beautiful reminder that I have people in my life that love me and that I love. And I kinda want to celebrate that.

So two weeks before the actual date I have been making some posters and yesterday I made this little cute flag banner that I am totally in love with.

make your own love banner for valentine and you have yourself some easy and pretty decor for the holiday

I loooove to make DIY’s that are easy and simple to do. I know you do too – it is the best to make something that doesn’t take up a whole lot of time that you still love. Now that is why I have made the banner already for you to cut and hang. It is a cute little one that will fit perfectly over your gallery wall or any picture frames you have in your home.

The instructions for this one is the best – 3 steps, that’s it!

  1. Print
  2. Cut
  3. Punch holes and hang on string/ribbon (mine was a pretty gold one – I needed a little sparkle :D)

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that is manageable 😀

Have fun with this one and if you decide to make it, please share your creation with me. I would love to see it… it would literally make my day!

DIY love banner for an easy decor for valentine's day

DIY easy and cute love banner for Valentine's day. Pretty, easy and cheap decor

Join our little community below and get instant access to my library where this one is placed as well. I included this one, a pink colored and one where you can cut the heart in your own color/pattern



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