Making my own planner and getting organized (finally I hope)

Hello hello there!

I have been gone for some time now, I know. Truth is I have trying to figure out how to cope with the situation I am in at the moment.

I just finished my education (all about digital marketing) and is now unemployed and trying to figure out if I want to spend all my time on this blogging thing – that I have grown to love.. Or if I should keep it as the hobby it is right now (no money – you know :D) and take a fulltime job.

To help me get a bit more organized with my life I’ve been spending some time making my own calendar. I have been a part of the planner-community for some time now, and I love the decorating and creative part linked to planning. And with my lovely Silhouette
it is easy for me to make my own décor. I think the decorating makes the planning so much more fun – know the feeling?

I originally wanted the Erin Condren, but with customs and shipping the calendar is $100+ when it finally arrives here in Denmark about four weeks later than purchase, and for me that is a lot of money – especially because we are already far into the new year.

I make my new calendar in Adobe InDesign, and I have finally gotten the layout figured out, so that it prints right (that was a hassle – but I got some great help from my lovely boyfriend- YES!). I decided to make it an A5, which means it can’t be just like the EC (it’s bigger), so I have designed my own layout, and think it will work with my schedule and way of planning.

I am always surprised by the time it takes to make a new product, and this time I have used my to do lists along the way, so that it is easier for me to see that I actually get something done each day. They have actually worked as my daily calendar the past days, until I get my (un-the-way) calendar printed.

Here are some pictures from the current state of my little project – I’m in the middle of march with dates and layout – long way to go 😀

my to do list filled with some calendar tasks

My own personalized planner. DIY calendar a5 size
The Weekly View
DIY weekly calendar. Monthly preview
The Monthly View

What planner do you use? Have you ever thought about making your own – let me know below 🙂


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